10 signs of an extroverted introvert

10 signs of an Extroverted Introvert

Dear World,

From HR personality tests to Online quizzes, all of them try to label you as an introvert or an extrovert, indicating indirectly that there is no in-between. The thing is, either you slide more towards the introverted side of the spectrum or to the extroverted side of the spectrum. But are you sure there is no in-between? World, ever heard about extroverted introverts? 


extroverted introvert


Yes, you might not like to go out, you probably want to stay all by yourself, you probably hate making small talks and other humans might want to inspire you to be a mass-murderer (only kidding!). But don’t you have people you are comfortable talking to? Don’t you make friends with people you just met? And don’t you sometimes feel that you can have a meaningful conversation with just anyone and that light chitchat is all you can do with some people?

So, if your answer to all these questions was, then you probably aren’t just an introvert, but you are an extroverted introvert.

What is ‘Extroverted Introvert’?

This might sound like a new concept but it is not, World. You have heard about its variants, like the ‘social introvert’ and ‘the outgoing introvert’, ring any bells? No? Well, then there is another word that you might identify, ‘ambivert’. Many people argue that being ambivert is the same as being an extroverted introvert. By the end of this article, you will be able to tell if that is true or not.

So, what does ‘extroverted introvert’ mean?

Before we move on to understand that, let’s first clear one thing, introversion and extroversion aren’t all-or-nothing traits. They are just two ends of a spectrum like Violet and Red are of the color spectrum. Some might just fall on the extreme side of the spectrum and some others might fall on the middle.

So, if you think you are an extroverted introvert, then you are an introvert at heart, but comparatively, you are more outgoing than introverts but less social than extroverts.

The next question is, World, how do you tell if someone is an extroverted introvert? No, don’t get into that thinking trance, I’ll tell you just how to do that recognition.

Signs of an Extroverted Introvert

Here are 10 signs World and if they are true for someone than that certain someone comes into this category of introversion.

extroverted introvert

1. They need time to warm up in social situations

They say World, that the first impression is the last one, but the first impression for an extroverted introvert belies their personality. When you meet them for the first time, you find them quiet and very reserved. In fact, once they get comfortable with you, they become quite chatty.

No, they won’t spill their life story but once the trust is built-up in a relationship, they do reveal some intimate details about them. And the more they get to know someone, the more extroverted they become.

2. For them people are intriguing, but exhausting as well

They watch people just for the heck of it, meeting new people is a fascinating experience for them, but spending every night with their favourite people in the world? Not a chance. Yes, they like going out, but only to a certain extent. Once that extent is crossed, the interactions get exhausting with every passing second.

They are the people who would disappear on you every weekend and then come back like they were never absent.

3. Some people recharge them while others drain them

For them, there are people who do not fall in the above category, people who would never drain them. A few friends with whom they can practically spend all their life, and never share even a single moment of awkward silence. Being with those friends is easy for them, satisfying even.

However, on the other hand, there are people who bore them, tire them, and their company becomes unbearable for them. Being alone is better for them than being in their company.

4. They are charming and deeply introspective at the same time

Extroverted introverts are charming, they have this superpower of making other people comfortable in their company. People open up to them, and one can never realize when a simple conversation became a deep, more authentic conversation.

However, what people don’t realize about them is, they are too much into their own head. They might appear easy-going and even funny, but their mind is always running at the speed of a hundred miles an hour.

5. When they are recharged, they magically become social

This is a huge, huge difference between an introvert and an extroverted introvert when extroverted introverts are recharged, they become very social, going to social events and enjoying them like extroverts. Unlike introverts, who run from everything social.

However, when they run out of energy, they turn to their introverted side and hibernate, or aestivate, depending upon the season.

6. They are not the most popular person in the room

And they are okay with that, they don’t like drawing attention to themselves, rather they believe in making personal connections with others. They don’t like to be in the limelight, they have gladly given the honor to extroverts. But they see the value in making connections with like-minded people and that’s what they do.

7. They love being alone, but eventually, they get lonely

Unlike extroverts, these extroverted introverts, love being alone. They might even spend an entire day being with themselves and not think twice about it.

Watching a movie, reading a book, or just thinking in general comforts them, just like introverts. However, there is a very thin line between solitude and loneliness and these souls often cross that line and end up making their alone time depressing.

8. They can’t deal with friendships that need maintenance

Friendships that require constant attention and communication won’t last long. It’s not a big deal for an extroverted introvert to not see their friends in weeks or even months. But the friendships that demand daily calls and weekly meetings are exhausting for them.

9. They are happiest in cafes

By now you know that an extroverted introvert loves being around people. But they have a hidden talent, they can be around people and not engage with them.

They go to the cafes and simply observe, sometimes they find the hustle and bustle of people around them oddly satisfying.

10. Their energy level is tied to the environment

The kind of environment they are in matters a lot to them. The number of people and the noise level of the place decide their energy level. Naturally, a loud concert would be overwhelming for them, but a soft acoustic set at a place with a nice ambiance would be soothing.

This concept of public introverts and private extroverts; extroverted introverts and introverted extroverts aren’t as popular as the concept of introversion and extroversion. But realizing that you can be more than just an introvert or an extrovert is important. World, stop trying to put people into a box and give them some room to be themselves, after all, you are quite large.

Until next time,

Love, Introvert


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