Introvert Healing 101: Write it all out!

Dear World,

Life gives us curveballs at every possible turn, introvert or not, we don’t necessarily have to catch them all, but we definitely have to try to catch them. However, when those curveballs lean towards the emotional side of the spectrum, things become difficult to deal for us introverts. We feel deeply and intensely, so whether it is stress at the job or kinks in relationships, we will feel all the things that probably don’t even exist. But if we are so imaginative at inventing emotions and words that probably do not even exist, then why not use that imagination doing something that can benefit us, not only in the short-term but also long-term?

We can just use all those negative emotions to create something mind-boggling and if you doubt your talents, you can simply write about what you are feeling.


Well, I am speaking from experience and so does Dr James W. Pennebaker, a professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Texas. He is the author of the book ‘Writing to Heal‘ and ‘Opening Up‘ and is a pioneer in the study of using expressive writing as a path towards healing.

He says, writing it all out strengthens our immune system and increases the quality of our sleep. Among many other positive improvements, an improvement in social connections is the only downside I could find! Jokes aside, Dr Pennebakers further adds that he has seen people start performing better at work when they made writing a habit. And when things start to get back on track you don’t need a doctor anymore too, right?

These emotional ups and downs aren’t just that, they affect every aspect of the lives of introverts. They affect our view of the world, our relationships with others, our financial situation, and our perception of life and death. That wasn’t just a divorce or a job loss; that was, us feeling a plethora of emotions in a very small time frame. Writing helps us to organize this experience making it easier to manoeuvre through our losses.

Writing about an experience that is too hard to even think about gives us, introverts an outlet; we can translate our emotions into words, which makes it easier for our minds to grasp everything. You will find that the amount of times you said ‘What in the name of Holy Mushrooms, is going on?!’ decreases drastically. I mean, it isn’t fair to trouble Mushrooms now, right?

Why Introverts Write?

Hasn’t this question plagued your mind since times immemorial, World? Why do Introverts write? Let’s answer it today.

The author of the award-winning novel, ‘The Fault in Our Stars‘, John Green says that writing is a solitary activity, it is a profession for introverts who want to tell a story but don’t want to make eye contact while doing that.

Writing allows us introverts to delve deeper into our own world of feelings, ideas and thoughts. According to the novelist Franz Kafka, writing is a descent into the cold abyss of oneself. An abyss from where you get out when you want to.

Parting words for you, world!

However, one thing that so many introverts tend to is, they overdo it, which is strictly not allowed! Every time we write about those dark times and end up overdoing it, we tend to enter into a cycle of self-pity. And gradually we start consuming those thoughts, making the blackness, bleaker. Due to this little thing, we end up reversing the entire process of feeling good, you, like me, might even stop writing altogether. And you don’t want to do that, trust me.

So, try to keep your writing to the level where you feel like a baby, happy and carefree!

See you soon again, World!

Love, Introvert

P.S.: Some writing tips for ya!

  • Find a peaceful place.
  • Prepare a rough draft and don’t worry about grammatical errors while writing that, but do edit that draft later.
  • Write for yourself.
  • Write about situations you can currently handle.

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This is the first letter to the World from an Introvert, stay tuned for more. 

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