Introverts and Planning

Introverts and Planning, what’s the connection?

Dear World, 

I am a planner and trust me; there is nothing as satisfying as having my day planned out neatly in my calendar. By keeping my day planned meticulously, I don’t have to worry about forgetting appointments or important dates. Instead, I am confident that everything is the way it is supposed to be.

Since times immemorial you’ve been continuously telling me how much of ‘overthinker’ I am. However, I don’t particularly think that since this habit of overthinking has its own advantages, like planning. Planning is indispensable for me to make things easier. That’s just who I am, my introversion makes me a meticulous planner, and I am not sorry about that. Before I talk more on this, do you know the relationship between introverts and planning?

Did you know, Introverts are incredible at planning? No? In that case, keep reading!

Introverts and Planning

You say I am overthinking when what I am doing is planning. To you, my thoughts and actions might come across as overthinking, excessive worrying or stressing, and even borderline OCD. However, there is one acutely important thing you have missed here.

The need for introverts to be prepared at all the times is not rooted in fear or doubt. Quite the opposite, having a plan in place gives them the confidence to be ready with any curveball life throws.


Introverts like me are critical thinkers, not overthinkers, and our thinking patterns are profound, not broad. We are detail-oriented and methodical. It is our second nature to boil down the gobs of content and arrive at notable conclusions, all the while making sure that nothing important is left behind.

However, when there is no plan in place, that’s when we are stressed and worry excessively and get overwhelmed easily. And overwhelmed people can’t be as excited about life, can they be? No, been there done that.

Now, World, I am not saying that these features are specific to introverts; in fact, you cannot be such a planner and still be an introvert. Alternatively, you can be a critical planner and be an extrovert. It’s just that there is a scientific basis for what I am saying.

Research shows that the part of the brain that is responsible for planning and problem solving is more active in introverts as compared to extroverts. Introverts like me can’t stop thinking about what lies ahead of us because we want to be ready for it, even more, if it involves talking. So when we plan, we make sure no part of the important stuff is left behind. And when we plan, we have to have every possible information about whatever it is we are planning.

I don’t know about others, but If I don’t have enough information, I will go into ninja mode to find it.

Introverts and planning and err, Elephants?

Did you know, elephants are one of the smartest animals? What they lack in speed and agility, they make up for it with their decisiveness and wisdom. They tend to think before they act that gives them the most extended lifespan in the World.

Never wondered what gives them the ability to avoid getting eaten by the wild animals of the forest? It’s their reasoning, their exceptional long term memories which help them in planning so that they can avoid life-threatening situations.

Introverts are so much like Elephants; in this case, our innate desire to ponder before committing to anything helps us to avoid uncomfortable situations. You might not believe it probably, but we are not the absolute fans of awkward situations, you see. So planning becomes crucial if we have to be ourselves.

We plan, God laughs

There is this Yiddish maxim, “We make plans, and God laughs,” this means the same thing that you are thinking right now, World. Life will not work out according to our plans, so why bother?

We think we a lot, our minds run at a speed of a thousand miles an hour, the level of electrical activity in our brains is higher as compared to that of the extroverts. and

So, when we plan, we are putting our thinking abilities to good use. Why waste energy when you can use it so economically, huh?

Moreover, a fantastic benefit of being a planner is, I am in tune with my needs and demands. I know what I want and when I want it and how I want it. Planning helps me to stay cool as a cucumber, no matter what and makes my decision-making process more manageable.

So, I am seriously not being arrogant when I plan, and at your incredulous expressions, I say, “I accept thank yous in terms of ice cream.”

So, Until next time,

Love, Introvert


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